It’s my rant. If you’re insulted in any way, I apologize. However, I’m not sorry.

Can we please accept a little reality? America was built on faith, blood, treachery, insults, deceit, imagination, slavery, compromise, ingenuity and foresight. How’s that for an opening statement? Mind you my rant is merely glossing over a minutiae of our recent events. (Disclaimer: Read this with an open mind and realize everyone is being vilified. I am not posting solutions, just what I have observed.)

Ever since the election of George W. Bush, it was more than evident… American’s just can’t accept goddamned results of ANYTHING. American’s couldn’t accept GWB’s election. (Please don’t start by saying the Presidency was stolen.) Because even after the counts, re-counts and court challenges, GWB was sworn in as President. American’s couldn’t obviously accept September 11th. (I think that MAY HAVE been the one event in our history we agreed on all of us being American for more than one week.) Then we sort of agreed on Iraq & Afghanistan, ever so briefly, until it stopped being “sexy” and America realized there was consequence to decisions. So we obviously couldn’t accept that and blamed everything on Big Money, Big Politics, and of course; corruption!!! Bring on the haters and protesters! And they came…. in droves.

Barack Obama was elected and, of course, some American’s accepted that…briefly. And then, of course acceptance went to hell… again. Suddenly, failure to accept turned ugly. One side said; Great!! The Presidency truly represents America!!! The other side said; “Oh my God He’s Black and he’s not a real American!!!” (WTF, really?!?!) Honestly, I thought to myself; “He’s not my choice, but I wish him luck and God Bless him. He’ll need it.” But just when we thought things were ugly, they sadly got uglier. Racism in America became more evident and focused. So POTUS Obama brings National Healthcare upon us. And honestly, I believe it was a good idea/concept as originally presented by the White House. Until Congress got a hold of the plan and ‘f’d’ it all up. We saw some States do well with the ACA while other States (e.g. Arizona) lost BIG. We saw 8 years of party politics divide America more than the Mason-Dixon line in the 1800’s. Congress accomplished very little and America was more dissatisfied and un-accepting of anything. But for some reason we still found time to hate and protest some more. A lot more. I mean.. a WHOLE. LOT. MORE.

But wait, there’s more! Eight years pass and a new election cycle. This time the right has so many choices they can’t make up their mind. The left has really, only two. Uh-oh… here we go again. The Right talked about, well, the Left. The Left talked about, well, the Right. We had so many too choose on the Right that we chose Donald the Populist who just played a good game of distraction. The Left, let’s face it… wanted to make history a second time and chose Hillary. Also playing a good game of distraction. (Disclaimer number 2; I didn’t vote for either of these Candidates.) So here we are now faced with more hate, more blame, more hate groups, more distractions and did I say more hate?

I mean, WTF?!?! We’re obsessed with who belongs here and who doesn’t. We’re obsessed with what to do with historical monuments. We’re obsessed with kneeling, sitting, locking arms, saluting, or standing. We “understand” Texas and Florida Hurricane response but can’t fathom or refuse to understand the logistical hindrances of Puerto Rico which suffered greatly from TWO Hurricanes. And because of the latter… if you don’t criticize the Federal response, or lack thereof, you MAY be racist. Hell… if you disagree, period. You’re racist. Or just a plain asshole. But try saying that to all the people (many of which are my friends) currently providing relief and security efforts in that Island. I’m sure their response will differ.

I have spent all my adult life proving my worth by what Martin Luther King wanted, “… the content of my character.” I admit that several times in my life I have had bigoted feelings, thoughts and words about others. No race in particular, but many, including my own. Still… I have worked to be accepted in American society by my accomplishments rather than my skin tone or heritage. Unfortunately, the fact is that now more than ever, race and color matters. And it breaks my heart because the melting pot I learned from PBS when I was a child, is boiling over. And we’re the ones stoking the flames. We’re the ones who are making America more racist. We’re the ones making race the litmus test of our worth as Americans.

I don’t have an answer to all this sociological pain I feel. But there’s gotta be a solution, somewhere. In the meantime, I’ll make my corner of America safe, great and opportune for my children and granddaughter. And, I’ll pray…